The Location – a sweet spot

Thiruvananthapuram, or Trivandrum, Kerala houses the world’s richest temple of Lord Sri Padmanabha and the company with one of the world’s richest heritages of incense and fragrances – GDS Perfumery Pvt. Ltd. – a perfect match isn’t it.

The Legacy – an aromatic journey

It all began with Shri. K G Shenoi, who was the venerable force behind the business that started its operations way back in the late 70’s. As every company that starts up, there were insurmountable challenges to overcome in the early years. But beating all odds, the iron-willed patriarch strained every sinew to make his dreams come true.

The Labour – a bouquet of success

The fruits of efforts are always sweet. So proverbially, today after thirty seven years of unrelenting work, the dream that once was, is reality now, with GDS being the largest, most preferred and loved Agarbathi Company in Kerala with a bouquet of over seven chart-topping brands.

The Love – building fragrant relationships

Being a family-run business has its advantages because everyone who work in the company is part of the extended family that spans from the junior most to the most senior. This ensures good values like honesty, eye for quality, hard work that permeates throughout the company and in turn the employees are encouraged and suitably rewarded.

The Leverage – top-of-the-line facilities

What sets GDS apart from others is the infrastructure and facilities built over time in the organization. For instance, there’s an advanced in-house blending capability with perfumery training from France to produce signature fragrances that go in to perfumes and incenses. Moreover, there are well structured and highly efficient in-house quality control stations, blending, production and marketing departments that seamlessly function as one cohesive organization.