Creating Peace of Mind.
Because we have the nose for it.

While man has been creating different kinds of incense for different purposes, we at GDS are particularly proficient in creating unique one-of-a-kind, signature incenses that ensures complete peace of mind. Little wonder we have a huge and very loyal customer following, making us one of the most loved and preferred agarbathi brands in Kerala.

And this particular art and science of creating memorable fragrances doesn’t come easy – we have been creating these unique fragrances with unmatched quality and value for money for almost forty years now. Obviously there’s enormous amount of hard work put in, time and money spent, innumerable resources deployed to create these fragrances but eventually the customer is at the center of this entire process, because we strongly believe in the saying ‘customer is king’.

But what really sets us apart from the rest to create these masterpieces are - the right ingredients, in the right proportions, made in the right process, for the right occasion and the right nose for it.

That’s right! We have the most important ingredient of them all - the nose for creating fragrances that ensure complete peace of mind.

After enchanting our customers in Kerela and Tamil Nadu, we are ready to spread the charm to newer territories and to fulfill this, we are actively looking for people who can partner with us in this journey.

A whiff of history

The tradition of burning incense or agarbathi, dates back thousands of years. It’s mentioned in ancient Hindu, Greek and Egyptian texts, and even today Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Arabs use it in their rituals. Which brings us to the question, why is incense such an integral part of our life – religious or otherwise?

The science of smell

After years of redolent research, the scientists figured out something the ancients already knew – that incense affects a protein in the brain which leaves a person’s body and mind very relaxed and actively de-stresses your entire being. In other words, it ensures complete peace of mind.